Sunday, 17 July 2011

PARKED DOGS 2: Guest Appearance by a Cat

As has been observed, there are few more mournful sights in the world than a drunk man in charge of a dog, the dog thinking, as the poet Andrew Elliott has it,

'doggie thoughts which, were I to translate them, would be both sad and true'

Parked dogs can also be pretty sad but usually in an endearing way. Welcome to the Blog of Parked Dogs

Not all our stars will be dogs - cats are people too.

Here we are approaching  the Morrisons at Fort William,  20 April 2008. With Ben Nevis in the background, surely one of the most dramatic situations for any supermarket.

This suspicious looking cat was loitering with intent when we went in

Coming out we found him reading the small print - hm, help any dog eh?

Worth a closer look

Ah lots of goodies

But spotted by kind old lady who asks our feline nicely to step outside